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Affirmation Card Deck for Pregnancy and Birth

Affirmation Card Deck for Pregnancy and Birth

Affirmations without bullshit; this is not a deck of toxic positivity.


A beautifully designed card deck of realistic affirmations specifically for pregnancy and birth.


Being pregnant and preparing for childbirth are unique times in a person's life. Family and strangers may expect you to be happy all the time, to be excited. You may be anxious or worried, even scared of labor and birth. All of it is normal; there is room for all the feelings.


This deck includes 18 4"x6" cards printed on 130# cardstock, each with an encouraging affirmation paired with a black and white line drawing to help prepare you for a whole, grounded pregnancy and a strong, empowered birth. 


Small enough to fit on a bedside table or inside a bag, and lovely enough to display your favorites for a constant reminder. Pick your favorites to bring with you during labor and delivery.


You've got this.


    This shop is a one-woman show, and as much as I'd love to ship every day, that's just not in the cards right now. So! I ship in-stock items every Wednesday and Friday morning. Orders received by 6:00 PM Eastern will ship on the next Wednesday or Friday.


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