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Hi! I'm glad you're here.

I'm Jacquie Turner, the artist and owner of Jacquelyn Turner Art.

Jacquelyn Turner Art is the place for charming and supportive stickers, greeting cards, notecards, bookmarks, mugs, affirmation decks, and more. Whether its a gift for yourself or someone you love, I hope my products help you express (or find!) your true feelings.

    My Story

    I went into business in 2022, after years of making art for myself and my friends. The mediums have changed over the years, but the motivation underlying it all was the same: we make a hard world softer with compassion, empathy, and a good dose of humor.

    This business started with an idea to make affirmation decks that didn't hit you over the head with false confidence. So I made 18 watercolors and filled them with the encouraging words I wished I could have heard when I was at my lowest. Then I made a few cute mushroom stickers and asked a friend if I could join her at her next art market. And here we are!

    I'm always making new art, so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more of my creative process and learn about new products and art markets I'll be at.

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    Thank you for coming to my corner of the internet! You've already helped make the world a softer, kinder place.

    See you soon!

    - Jacquie


    I'm always looking to hear from real people about the products they want to see. Let's connect.

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