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Hand holding blue box, front view, says "You Are Enough"

You Are Enough: Encouraging Notes | Affirmations

Affirmations without bullshit; this is not a deck of toxic positivity.


A beautifully designed card deck of affirmations for when life is tough: the grief of losing a loved one, chronic or acute illness, miscarriage, or adjusting to life with a new baby.


This is a deck for when you need a little extra compassion and empathy, or want to send encouragement to someone you love.


Includes 26 4"x6" cards printed on cardstock, each with an encouraging affirmation paired with a unique watercolor image.


Small enough to fit on a bedside table or inside a backpack, and beautiful enough to display your favorites for a constant reminder.


    This shop is a one-woman show, and as much as I'd love to ship every day, that's just not in the cards right now. So! I ship in-stock items every Wednesday and Friday morning. Orders received by 6:00 PM Eastern will ship on the next Wednesday or Friday.


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