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Meet the Artist

Hi, hello!

I'm Jacquie Turner, the artist behind Jacquelyn Turner Art.

I started this business in 2022. I guess I needed something to do after being a stay-at-home mom to two kiddos during a worldwide pandemic (one of whom was born during the peak of the pandemic).

We've all had a rough few years. Maybe you're still in the worst of it and feel like it'll never end. Maybe you're like me and you're feeling restless and uncertain what things are going to look like now.

But I knew I wanted to make the world a bit softer, a bit more compassionate and understanding. Art provided me a way to do that, first through digital portraits, then through cute collections of drawings, then through encouraging gifts.

A friend of mine said my work was like "affirmations without bullshit." I think that's about right.

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